Sicilian Calzone (Impanata di Agnello)

Preparation Time 1 Hour
Add olive oil in a frying pan and brown the chopped onions,then add the pieces of Lamb,add in the wine and at medium heat and stir till evaporates,dissolve in a cup of hot water the tomato paste add salt and pepper to taste and pour into the pan with the lamb,cook for about 25/30 minutes.While the Lamb is cooking,with a rolling pin roll the leavened dough flat to a very thin thickness (about 3 millimeters).Cut the potatoes int medium cubes
Oil a baking pan and line with half of the rolled dough,once the lamb is cooked pour the stew in and the cut potatoes and add 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil,cover with the other half dough,press the edges together with water moistened fingers,prick the pie with a fork and brush it with the egg yolk.Bake at 200 C for 30/40 minutes.

Sicilian Calzone (Impanata di Agnello)

2 Lbs of Leavened Dough
1 Lb of boneless Lamb cut in pieces.
2 large onions
1 table spoon of tomato concentrate
4 1/2 onces of wine
1 egg yolk
salt & pepper to taste.
extra virgin olive oil
4 medium peeled potatoes