Original Organic Ricotta Farm

Ricotta is a white, fresh cheese with a soft, creamy texture and a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Ounce for ounce, Ricotta has five times more calcium than cottage cheese. We've perfected the authentic flavor of this sicilian cheese made with fresh "just milked" whole organic milk from our cows milked with care on our very own family farm,in this cheese you can savor the Sicilian meadows and taste the herbs that were grazed to produce it,then you must just once in your life at least visit this organic farm.The farm is located 20 Km (14Miles) north of the villa set in the quaint village with breath taking views ...Today Maria with her husband Nino take pride in looking after their cows the same way their parents did.It is the traditional way that influence the unique flavor of this delicious organic ricotta and the different cheeses that they make,every season the cheese that they produce has different taste ,as the seasons change so do the grasses and herbs the cows eat in each meadow containing mint, oregano, fennel and juniper to name a few.
We leave the property at about noon and arrive at the farm at 12,30pm,once there Maria has the table set with her culinary specialties for you start to taste, as you eat you get to see how the ricotta is made right in front of you, the menu is fresh home made buns garnished with extra virgin olive oil,oregano and sun dried tomatoes,focaccia with ricotta and onions,focaccia tomato sauce and onions,sun dried tomatoes,garnished olives,different types of cheeses,grilled peppers, home made dried sausage, fresh cheese curds,then it comes the hot ricotta, after a little while she will bring fresh made ravioli with cavatelli pasta in tomato sauce, pork meat cooked with tomatoes,then she will make a BBQ over live charcoal (sausage,bacon,pork chops) ✻menu might change slightly according to seasons✻ all this washed down with all the wine you can drink, beer, water and to finish you get desert,coffee,and the best home made limoncello,and you can take home any left-overs..many people that have been at the ricotta farm have said that it was the highlight of their trip.
Adults pay 25 euros each...teens pay half price and children under 10 years pay 8 euros.
It must be booked 2 days in advance!

Maria Making fresh ricotta cheese
Maria in her kitchen
Fresh ricotta
Cattle feeding
the barn
the barn
oven fresh buns with oregano and sun dried tomatoes
Cattle feeding
Maria's Kitchen
Oven fresh ricotta and tomato traditional sicilian facaccia's