Nature Vendicari reserve

The Nature Reserve of Vendicari is an oasis located in the province of Siracusa, Noto and precisely between Marzamemi,only 45 minutes form the villa, particularly important is the presence of marshes that serve as a resting place for migratory birds, was officially established in 1984 after by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry , its 1450 hectares of wetlands are of international importance , inside the reserve there are several archaeological and architectural site, it is possible to find traces of an old plant for fish processing, beside which has been discovered a small cemetery.

There are also remains of the Byzantine period: churches, catacombs, homes and cemeteries. Symbol of Vendicari is certainly the Swabian tower, probably built by Peter of Aragon, Count of Alburquerque and Duke of Noto (1406-1438) and brother of Alfonso V of Aragon, king of Spain and Sicily (1416-1458). Not far away there is the ancient tuna trapping plant of Vendicari, a decaying building that still preserves the chimney in good condition, apart from various establishments and homes of fishermen: the was built in the eighteenth century: the period of greatest expansion had 40 employees.

The salt marshes of Vendicari had economic importance for a long time, certainly in support for the conservation of tuna fish. The first plants date from the fifteenth century and, to date, there remain vestiges of the Great Marsh.

There are numerous species of birds that stop in Vendicari: waders, herons, storks, flamingos and, moreover, mallards, gulls, cormorants they stop here on its journey from the Sahara desert to the nesting grounds in northern Europe.

The month of December is best for bird watching.

In addition to birds, amphibians are present in Vendicari like the toad (Bufo Siculus), halophiles, and much more rare than the common toad (Bufo bufo), among the reptiles is easy to see the snake (Hierophis viridiflavus), a medium-sized snake, the leopard snake (Elaphe situla) and turtle (Emys orbicularis).
Among the mammals are the fox, the hedgehog, porcupine and wild rabbit.

the big marsh
Vendicari nature reserve
ancient tuna processing plant