The fabulous beaches of Pozzallo,Marina di Modica,Sampieri,Ragusa

All the beaches are within 20 to 40 minutes from the villa.

The beaches of Pozzallo have received the Blu Flag by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) award. A prestigious award given to beaches which meet strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. Of the eight beaches in Sicily that have received the Blu Flag by FEE, four are located in Pozzallo.

It is also a major port which creates the link between Sicily and Malta (about 90 minutes on high speed ferry) for passengers on a catamaran service.

Driving by the coastal road of Pozzallo-Marina di Ragusa stands the lovely village of Sampieri, Its is an old fishing village, perhaps the most picturesque in the province’s shore, its stone houses jostled with one another, bordering a maze of narrow streets.

Sampieri boasts one of the most beautiful shores of all Sicily comprising a long sand beach and lovely rocky cliffs. ‘U stabilimientu bruciatu’ (Sicilian for “the burnt building”), lying on the eastern cliff, a former tile factory accidentally burnt in the mid 1900s, has become an attraction thanks to its impressive look, even chosen as a setting for numerous movies.

Marina di Modica, a seaside extension of Modica, is a renowned summer resort; it has numerous shops, restaurants and facilities . Nevertheless, for those who do prefer a peaceful and relaxing vacation this is a very special place, with a mild climate especially in the late spring and early autumn. Thanks to its favorable windy conditions, Marina di Modica has grown as a well-known little “surfers’ paradise”. Surfers and windsurfers from all the South-Eastern Sicily crowd the little bay all the year round. But, above all, it is a summer destination with accomodation and entertainment facilities that make it the ideal place for the summer holiday.

Marina di Ragusa is the most renowned and the best equipped of the province’s summer resorts. Endowed with services and plenty of accomodation and entertainment facilities, it is crowded in the summer months and densely populated all the year round, hence regarded as a town in its own right. The new centre developed around an old tower, built, as the one in Pozzallo, by the Cabreras, counts of Modica, to guard against attacks from the sea.

The XV century tower Cabrera in Pozzallo
The beaches of Pozzallo
The beaches of Pozzallo
The beaches of Pozzallo
beach of Sampieri
Sea-front at Marina  of Ragusa with the port in the distance.
Boats in the port of Marina of Ragusa
The Torre Cabrera in Marina di Ragusa.