Local winery tour

This micro winery is located 9 km (6 miles) north of the villa,George and his family have been making wine for 30 years,their love for making wine is a family tradition,the cost for wine tasting is only 5 euros per person,you get to taste all their line of wines and their own extra virgin olive oil.

From the union between sun and earth, between tradition and technology, in Frigintini a 'lovely highland ibleo, is born

Love, passion and energy of George Michael Di Raimondo and Poidomani give rise to the production of wines made in "SICILY" international and indigenous grapes, which are characterized by character and style.

Starting by the attention and care in the selection of the grapes (from Sicilian wine-growing areas), we provide a cutting-edge winemaking process, respecting the environment and tradition.

No detail is overlooked, as each stage of production is treated and controlled personally by qualified technicians, from the maceration of the grapes, fermentation refinement until the final stage of bottling.

Terrasol boasts a range of well-structured wines, which follows three distinct lines:

Hedon line that emphasizes the simple pleasures of taste in a white inzolia grapes , a rosé and a red Nero d'Avola, specially designed to brighten the table every day.

The choice ranges from white inzolia, the Nero d'Avola and Syrah and Nero d'Avola blend.
Wines for every important occasions.

Finally, thanks to research and development in the wine sector, the line MEMORIES OF EARTH
a range of wines without sulfites produced according to country traditions, and unique organoleptic characteristics.
A limited edition only, which includes a white grapes Grillo, a rosé from Nero d'Avola grapes and red grape syrah.

Nero d'Avola grapes
Terrasol wines
George offering wine tasting
wine tasting
George during the harvest
wine tasting at the winery
our wines
table is ready for wine tasting
George making great wine